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(note: renderings are only for automotive and murals if needed, I do not do sketches for t-shirts)

We will then make the arrangements as to the  when and where's of your project.  After down payments are paid, I will then begin the work.

We can then make arrangements for the final presentation or walk through.

Finally you can enjoy your dream art and all the smiles when you turn heads...either when you ride or people walk into the room.

(We accept multiple forms of payment including paypal and all major credit cards)

Because of the nature of work that we do, we may not be available to answer phone calls. Due to the fact that we are either out of town on a job site or busy with an airbrush in hand.  This makes email a great first point of contact.  It would be helpful if you can include the following pictures and information:  what your wanting painted, measurments if it's mural work, examples of the type of art that you would like,any specific art involved such as logos or specific fonts. location if this is an on site job or one requiring pick-up.  Also, include your name and contact information.  If you have a specific need for a certain completion date, I will need to know this as well.

I will then contact you at my soonest convenience to further discuss your project. 

I will then begin to calculate an estimate for the work that your needing done.  Estimates generally are a complete price of the total job.  I will calculate what I can do the work for based on the complexity and time that I believe it will take to complete the job. I will then add on a generalized budget for materials based on the number of colors in the art.  Due to varied prices of materials there are times that material costs may exceed a given budget.  In the event that it goes over I will show you the difference and this amount will be added to the estimate price at the end.  In some extreme cases for on-site jobs the only way to prepare an estimate may be to tour the home or facility.  If this is the case; then the client will cover travel costs.

Once we agree on cost in a signed proposal, we are on the way to making your dream come true.  Due to our demand and travel, being on some job sites as long as a month at a time, there may be a wait.  It is important for us in scheduling our workload to have a commitment.  Therefore if we are unable to move straight to your project after the proposal you will then put down a 25% deposit in order to hold your slot.  Once we get to your job another 25% will be due.  We take 50% down on any any proposal over $300 at the start of a job and the remaining 50% (plus any excess on material costs) when the work is complete.  Any jobs under $300 pay in full up front.

Sometimes the art maybe anything other than basic.  It is important then to make sure that we are on the same page. If necessary I will prepare a sketch containing the general idea of the work to be done.


Either you have seen my work, someone referred you, or you stumbled on the site while surfing the web.  Either way you like what you see and would like some custom paint done.  First off  for those that may be looking for T-shirt art, we mainly focus on those services during our summer season at Surf Style.  During the winter season we focus on the custom art spectrum of our business doing automotive airbrush on trucks, cars and motorcycles.  We also specialize in murals and theming in both commercial and residential buildings.  However if planned in advance we would be willing to accommodate group orders of shirts.  If our schedule allows we can do single piece custom orders with a $75 minimum (portraits, renderings, pet portraits, etc.).

(228) 235-3014